Walking can be the key to getting through lockdown

A different lockdown, but the same perfect form of exercise for families is still allowed

Jenni - Humans of the Walk

Lockdown presents its own challenges for family life, but it can also bring opportunities for quality time together.

During the last lockdown in 2020, we spoke to parents who found freedom in walking and enjoyed reconnecting with their children.

As Scotland enters its latest lockdown, we’re remembering what mums and dads had to say about walking in a most unusual time.

Mum-of-two Jenni (pictured) said: “We would go walking in the early evenings after a day of schoolwork and working at home. It was always something we all looked forward to, probably not initially for the kids but it was something they grew to enjoy more as it became a regular part of every single day.

It was also about being together; our break from the house, our family bonding time, and a chance to discover new routes on our doorstep.

I think some of our best lockdown memories will be our walking memories.

“We’ll definitely keep walking as a family, we always have done anyway. I think the kids realise now how good it is for you and how good it makes you feel.”

Dad Neal said:

Our daily walks were the key to getting through lockdown; it almost gave us a sense of normality and was great to be back in the outdoors, even if it was only for a short period of time a day.

“The walks soon became very important to our family as we would all have a laugh spending time together, which can normally be difficult when we are all so busy with work, school and other commitments. Chatting and joking around when out on our walks felt like we got to know our kids all over again, which was really special.”

If you’d like to have a listen to how walking helped others cope with lockdown, tune into our podcast episode Finding Solace with Walking during Lockdown.

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