What you'll remember about walking once a day this winter

Thanks for sharing your winter walking journey with us

Victoria, Outer Glasgow

Winter 2020/21 was tough for many reasons. But when we asked you to share with us what kept you walking during a winter lockdown there are some positive takeaways to remember.


How walking makes you feel

You told us the top five things a daily walk made you feel are:

  1. More energised
  2. More able to cope
  3. Uplifted
  4. More connected to your area
  5. Happier


What motivates you to walk

We asked what's been keeping you motivated to walk every day, your top five answers were:

  1. Getting outside to enjoy fresh air and spend time in nature
  2. A break from work
  3. Knowing it makes you feel good
  4. As a way to socialise
  5. To burn calories



Next steps...

Thank you for sharing your winter walking journey with us! We hope that walking can continue to play an important role in your lives as we move out of lockdown and beyond.

If you want some more motivation to keep walking, here are some options.

  1. Get involved with our Walking with Nature campaign and boost your wellbeing by noticing nature as we move into spring.
  2. Take part in a Step Count Challenge with your workplace. The spring challenge starts on 3 May but your workplace can set up your own bespoke challenge at any time.
  3. Join your local Health Walk. Our walks aren't able to run at the moment, but that doesn't mean you can't get in touch with your local project so you're all set to join your first walk as soon as they can start up again.

Keep walking!

Walk Once A Day this Winter - your photos from Paths for All on Vimeo.