Active Travel Policy

We work to influence Scottish policy and national strategies that support increased walking, wheeling and cycling.

Active Travel: man walking in city with cyclist passing

We work to influence and strengthen leadership, investment and policy to support increased active travel in Scotland.

We collate evidence, and contribute to consultations, briefings, working groups and cross-party groups to advocate for policies and investments that increase active and sustainable travel. Key policies and strategies that will shape the future are:

The National Walking Strategy

Let’s Get Scotland Walking - the National Walking Strategy sets out a vision where everyone benefits from walking as part of their everyday journeys, and everyone has access to welcoming and safe environments to walk in. The strategy’s action plan has the backing of a wide range of partners - from local authorities to third sector organisations and is being delivered by these partner organisations, facilitated by Paths for All.

The National Transport Strategy 

The National Transport Strategy (NTS2), was published in 2020 by Transport Scotland. It promotes walking, cycling, public transport and bike, car and ride sharing in preference to single occupancy car use.
There are four priorities:

  • reducing inequalities

  • taking climate action

  • helping deliver inclusive economic growth

  • improving our health and wellbeing

Paths for All is a member of NTS2 Delivery Board. The first annual Delivery Plan for Scotland’s National Transport Strategy (NTS2) sets out the actions being taken across the Scottish Government to achieve the Strategy’s vision, priorities, and outcomes.

The Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS)

Our partner, Cycling Scotland supports the development and delivery of Transport Scotland's Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS). CAPS outlines how the Scottish Government, local authorities and all key partners will respond to the needs of stakeholders and how they will achieve their active travel commitments. Work has begun on new Cycling Framework for Active Travel in Scotland, building on the progress through three iterations of the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland.

A Long-term Vision for Active Travel in Scotland 2030

Published in 2014, A Long-term Vision for Active Travel in Scotland 2030 sets out how Transport Scotland hopes Scotland will look in 2030 if more people are walking and cycling for short, everyday journeys allowing us to reap the benefits of active travel.

The Active Travel Framework 

The Active Travel Framework, published in 2020, brings together the key policy approaches to improving the uptake of walking and cycling in Scotland for travel. It has been produced collaboratively by Transport Scotland and key delivery partners, with input from Regional Transport Partnerships (RTPs) and local authorities.

Active Travel Taskforce Delivery Plan 

The Taskforce Delivery Plan  sets out what is already being done and actions which will be taken to deliver on the recommendations from the Active Travel Taskforce report. It is aimed at delivery partners involved in active travel projects and was developed in collaboration with them. 

Active Nation Commissioner's Final Report

Scotland's Active Nation Commissioner, Lee Craigie, worked independently of government as a national advocate for Active Travel across the country. Her aim was to raise the profile of these inclusive and sustainable modes of travel while promoting their health, environmental, social, and economic benefits to everyone who lives, works in, or visits Scotland.

Lee has published a Final Report, putting forward a number of recommendations which have been considered by Ministers.

Ambassador for Active Travel

The Scottish Government has appointed Lee Craigie as the new Ambassador for Active Travel.

The Minister for Active Travel, Patrick Harvie, confirmed the appointment during the 2022 Walk Wheel Cycle Connect Conference in Perth .

As part of a significant expansion of investment in walking, wheeling and cycling, the Scottish Government is currently reviewing how its programmes are planned and delivered.  As an evolution of her previous role as Active Nation Commissioner, Lee has agreed to continue to support the transformation for the next 15 months, focusing on public engagement, access to bikes and providing an independent perspective on progress.  Read more on the Transport Scotland website.