The National Path Demonstration Site

Visit Scotland's Path Demonstration Site to see examples of the best design, infrastructure and management of paths

National Path Demonstration Site signage

Our National Path Demonstration site showcases the best practice in inclusive design, infrastructure and the management of shared use paths.

The unique site, located at Scotland's Rural College (SRUC) Oatridge Campus, is made up of several paths constructed using a range of different materials and construction techniques. The site aims to help path projects decide on the best materials and techniques to use for their own unique project. As well as different types of path surface, you'll also find lots of different types of gates, barriers, bridges and signs at the site to look at and try out.

We use the site to test the latest innovations in materials, infrastructure and construction techniques so there is always something new and different to learn.

The site has been designed to help path professionals or volunteers think about what makes an inclusive, well-designed path and visiting it will give you lots of new ideas and help you to choose the right type of path and infrastructure that you need for your project.

We are carrying out work to improve links to the demonstration site and we are adding lots of new items of infrastructure, including the latest in dementia friendly design. Watch the video about the changes we have made to our demonstration site to incorporate dementia friendly outdoor designs.

The demonstration site is open to the public, but we are always happy to provide guided tours of the site to groups.

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