Celebrating the 50th Walk at Work Award

As we celebrate the 50th certification of our Walk at Work Award scheme, we’re encouraging Scottish employers to enjoy the benefits of a happy, healthy workforce.

East Renfrewshire Health & Social Care Partnership receives the 50th Walk at Word Award

We’re thrilled to have awarded the 50th Walk at Work Award (WAWA) to East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership (ERHSCP), who used the scheme to encourage their staff to discover new ways to get active during the working day.

As part of the programme, ERHSCP delivered a programme of lunchtime Health Walks for staff, offering space and time during the working day to relax, reflect and enjoy physical activity. Links, resources and information were also made readily available to staff through a dedicated wellbeing website, as well as facilities for staff who travel actively to and from work.

Staff from our Walking for Health and Workplace teams joined Paths for All CEO Kevin Lafferty to attend a celebration event at the Eastwood Health and Care Centrein Clarkston, Glasgow. Attended by ERHSCP Chief Officer Julie Murray, Councillor Katie Pragnell, East Renfrewshire Integration Joint Board Vice-Chair and Convenor for Health and Social Care, the event offered a valuable opportunity for both organisations to network, and enjoy an informal workplace walk around the local area after presentations.

Councillor Katie Pragnell, East Renfrewshire Integration Joint Board Vice-Chair and Convenor for Health and Social Care accepted the award on behalf of the partnership.

She commented:

We are delighted to have received the Walk at Work Award, and being the 50th organisation to do so, makes it even more special.

Staff wellbeing is incredibly important to the HSCP. Our weekly walks have brought people from across services together and have been a positive addition to our programme of activity. We will continue to encourage more people to take part and enjoy a stroll over the summer.

Our Walk at Work Award recognises and celebrates employers across Scotland who help to promote everyday walking in their workplace. Completed at a pace suitable to your organisation, the award encourages workplaces around the country to explore different ways to get staff active, in and around the working day. The award scheme also promotes wellbeing and a green environment in the workplace by promoting reduced car use, connection to nature and greenspaces, and opportunities for scootering, cycling and public transport use.

A group of attendees at the 50th Walk at Work Award ceremony enjoy a walk around the local area.

With the 50th certification now awarded, we hope that more workplaces around the country see the potential benefits and enjoyment taking part can offer and will explore ways to get involved with the scheme. We’re calling on businesses across Scotland to embark on the Award scheme and promote physical activity at work, and to create opportunities for a healthier work force, physically and mentally and socially.

Kevin Lafferty, CEO of Paths for All stated:

Walking a little more each day has proven benefits to mental and physical health, which is why it’s important that we recognise the workplaces who have received the Walk at Work Award.

We hope that the work East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership has done will help to inspire other businesses to get certified and help them become a happier and healthy workplace.

The Walk at Work Award is an important scheme, which can benefit businesses across the country to not only get fitter but also help to improve the environment.

By choosing to walk for short trips instead of driving, an individual is improving their health while also reducing air pollution and emissions that are damaging the planet.

Our mission is to support Scots to have the opportunity to walk, wheel, scoot or cycle every day, creating a happier, healthier and greener Scotland. We support communities to create more opportunities and better environments so that more people are encouraged and enable to get active in a way that is suitable for them, such as walking, wheeling, scooting or cycling.

For workplaces, we also offer support which includes a free Workplace Walking online course and bespoke Step Count Challenges tailored to the needs of your organisation. We also run out national spring and autumn Step Count Challenges, inviting workplaces across the country to step up, step out and get moving.

Find out more about the Walk at Work Award and how to sign up here

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