Walking, cycling and wheeling during Covid-19 in Scotland

Walking, cycling and wheeling during Covid-19

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During the Covid-19 outbreak, we want everyone to be able to walk, cycle and wheel safely for everyday journeys and exercise, in line with Scottish Government guidelines.

Active travel can have huge benefits for our physical and mental health, and the environment.

It can provide a safe method of travel during the outbreak and beyond.

But it’s important that we all take measures to prevent a second wave of the outbreak and show consideration to everyone. We need to:

Be safe – Look after yourself and those in your care

Be smart – Stay in your local area and plan ahead

Be kind – Look out for others, particularly more vulnerable groups

To help do this, we've teamed up with Transport Scotland, Public Health Scotland, the Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland and various active travel organisations in Scotland to provide a summary of things to consider when walking, cycling and wheeling during Covid-19.